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Commission an Artwork

Can’t quite find the perfect piece for that awkward space above the fireplace? Looking for abstract art in your wall? Or maybe an artwork has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour..

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with The Salama Art commissions.

How does it work?

Set your budget, describe your perfect artwork and set a completion date. Send the request to info@thesalamaart.com. The artist will then accept your offer and contact you via email to further discuss your requirements. You can even upload images for inspiration.

Once accepted, you pay the deposit to get ball rolling and when you’re happy with the final piece, you pay the remainder.

Get regular progress updates

Once your job is accepted, your artist will be with you every step of the way vía email with photos and regular updates.

Receive your Art!

The artist will inform you via the site when your artwork is complete and request a final review before shipping or collection of your artwork.

When you confirm the final review of the artwork, the artist receives their final fee.

If you arranged to collect in person because you are close to the  local artist then you use the site to record the exchange.If your artwork is to be delivered, the item will be shipped with tracking, by the artist and they will update the brief with the required tracking information for you to see.

Commissioning an Art at  The Salama Art can’t be any simpler!

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost? 

That’s up to you and the artist! You set your budget when you first commission the artist via the initial contact form and the artist will liaise with you to reach a fair price.

How long will it take? 

Again, that’s up to you and the artist. You can stipulate a deadline when you first commission the artist via the initial contact form.

How do I pay for a commissioned artwork? 

Once the artist has agreed to take on your commission, a member of The Salama Art commissions team will be in touch to take a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is typically 10-30% of the final artwork value, as agreed between yourself and the artist.

Your artist will then start work on your artwork and you will pay the balance when the artwork is finished.

How can I check the progress of my commissioned artwork? 

Your artist will be in touch with regular photos and updates via The Salama Art messaging email

Can I return a commissioned artwork? 

Unfortunately we do not accept returns of commissioned artworks.

What can I commission? 

Anything you like! Whether it’s a portrait of your dog, an abstract to fill that empty space above your fireplace, or an artwork similar to one that you have seen elsewhere. Be sure to give the artist a clear idea of your requirements – you can even upload and send photos to give them a better idea.

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